A Critical Introduction to Cartography and GIS

• Autor: Geremy W. Crampton
• Fecha de Publicación: WILEY-BLACKWELL, 2010.
• Idiomas: Inglés
• ISBN: 978-14051-2173-6

Contenido: 1. Maps – A Perverse Sense of the Unseemly, 2. What is Critique? , 3. Maps 2.0: Map Mashups and New Spatial Media, 4. What. Is Critical Cartographic and GIS?, 5. How Mapping Became Scientific, 6. Governing with Maps: Cartography Deconstructed: Harley, Gall and Peters, 8. GIS After Critique: What Next?, 9. Geosurveillance and Spyingwith Maps, 10. Cyberspace and Virtual Worlds, 11. The Cartographic Construction of Race and Identity, 12. The Poetics of Space: Art, Beauty, and Imagination, 13. Epilogue: Beyond the Cartographic Anxiety?