Online Maps with APIs and WebServices

online maps with webservice

Online Maps with APIs and WebServices

Editor: Michael P. Peterson

Fecha de Publicación: Berlin Heidelberg : Springer – Verlag, 2012.

Idiomas: Inglés

ISBN 978-3-642-27484-8

Contenido: Parte I Background, 1 Online Mapping with APIs, 2 Web Mapping

Services: Development and Trends, 3Current Trends in Vector-Based Internet Mapping A Technical Review, 4 Map Mashups and APIs in Education, Parte II APIs Mashups, 5 Multimedia Mapping on the Internet Using Commercial APIs, 6 The GIS Behind iMapInvasives: The “Open Source Sandwich”, 7 Towards a Dutch Mapping API, 8 LatYourLife : AppIying Multiple API Services for Task Planning, 9 Guidelines for Implementing AreGis API for Flex Developers, Parte III 10 Web Services for Thematic Maps, 11 A Technical Survey on decluttering of Icons in Online Map-Based Mashups 12 Web map Desing for a Multipublishing Environment Based on Open APIs 13 User Scalable Graduated Circles with Google Maps 14 Webservices for Animated Mapping: The Time Mapper Prototype 15 The Possibilities of Globe publishing on the Web, Parte IV Aplications.